DOMENECH's research department has developed a new type of furnace for the production of calcium oxide...

The DOMENECH research department has developed a new type of furnace for the production of Calcium Oxide (Quicklime). The novelty in the process is that it is a rotary oven with indirect fire and works discontinuously. The process consists of three phases; one for preheating, another for cooking, which is the oven itself and finally the cooler capable of reducing the temperature of the material from almost 1000 ºC to 50 ºC. Each of the phases is a rotating tube, with discontinuous operation, where the time that the material is in each tube is directly related to the time it takes for the load in the furnace to transform into calcium oxide. The calcium carbonate is controlled at all times, so that when it is detected that all the calcium carbonate has been transformed into lime oxide, the furnace is unloaded and a new cycle begins. The advantages of this kiln: From the first batch you obtain quality lime, without having to waste time and money on regulation and calibration tests. As it is indirectly fired, the material is not contaminated with the ashes of the combustion exhaust gases, in this way it can be used for combustion: biomass, diesel, waste-derived fuels (RCD) or any other type of fuel. . In this way you can obtain quality lime. Thanks to the control of the material, the permeabilization of calcium oxide particles is avoided, avoiding problems during lime slaking. Different granulometries can be mixed from microns to 10 mm. Custom sizing from 10 Tn of CaO per day to 50 Tn of CaO per day. Additionally, to optimize consumption, the heat from the exhaust gases is used to:

1- Preheat the material before placing it in the oven.

2- Preheat the air used by the burner.

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