Every year, and despite the effort to reduce the use of plastics, its production increases throughout the planet linked to the globalization of trade. Countries, populations and industries are aware that the exponential growth of packaging must be counteracted with an increase in investment in industrial recycling machinery.

Environmental protection must be a coordinated work between the production industry, the collection industry and the recycling industry, therefore, and as we have already said, the increase at the beginning of the cycle means an increase in more machinery in the final process. , that of plastic treatment.

To all this we must add the new regulations that are already coming into force and that have fairly close compliance dates and that would entail sanctions for countries and industries that have not adapted to the new environmental regulations.

Installing a standard plastics treatment plant from scratch can be a cumbersome task if it is not done with specialized professionals in the sector. Furthermore, if you have real engineers who carry out work to adapt to the special conditions, space, material, technology, etc.; It will be much more economical.

Finally, all phases of the plastic recycling process must be taken into account to understand the scope and importance of using optimal plastic recycling machines and their cyclical maintenance.

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