Recycling industrial products and materials with high contamination, such as plastic, plays a fundamental role in the reuse of material that was destined to be discarded, allowing considerable economic savings and avoiding the negative impact that pollution causes on our environment and that affects our health. day to day.

The recycling washing machine is a machine designed to wash plastic, such as film, among others, for reuse in industrial environments. This powerful device is made up of a self-supporting chassis, perforated sheet metal jacket, endless, a hopper to collect water and other liquids and another for the output of adjustable material.

Recycling washing machine operation

The washing machine process is based on the mechanical rotation of the feeding spiral, which, added to the introduction of water into it, allows excellent cleaning of the parts to be recycled before moving on to the grinding process. The rotor of the machinery rotates at high speed and is designed to avoid any type of jamming, even with medium-sized elements. Liquids and contaminating substances are transported to the discharge hopper located in the lower parts of the washing machine through a perforated screen.


  • It is a machine that meets the accident specifications of the European Community.
  • Composed of a very rigid structure of electro-welded forged steel, stabilized and machined by Computer Numerical Control.

Experts in recycling facilities and plants

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