Litter represents one of the most...

The Chihuahua Cement Group (GCC) converts industrial waste into fuel New Facility for CDR. Garbage represents one of the most important environmental issues for every country. If more and more people around the world support the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle lifestyle, much less waste will be produced. Even better if we can somehow transform all the waste produced into clean energy and other reusable products. As is the case of the Samalayuca plant, with an investment of 3 million dollars we have built a dome that will house crushers in which plastics, textiles, paper, tires and other waste will be processed with the aim of generating alternative fuel for its ovens. in which cement and other derivatives are given life Luis Mendoza Juárez, GCC Industrial Relations Manager, indicated that the purpose of generating and using alternative fuels is to save on energy consumption, reduce operating costs and conserve the environment. We can now see photos of the installation carried out by Domenech Machinery & Systems for the GCC plant. You will find more information by clicking here.

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