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Standard lines

RDF - Processing line

The non-recyclable fraction of Urban Solid Waste is used every day in greater quantities to be used as an alternative fuel (RDF) to traditional energy sources (oil and coal).

At Domenech we offer advanced solutions for different productions of material quality that is fully controlled in its process. All facilities offer “turnkey” execution, from their conception at the engineering level to the launch of the manufactured product.

Scroll through the image and you’ll find the names of the different phases.

Línea co-processing sin fases






Standard line of RDF Processing with phases


The unloading of these trucks is carried out on the Domenech plate and belt feeder, which is responsible for dosing the material continuously and at the desired speed, achieving the tons per hour that the line requires. This spills the material onto the metal plate conveyor belt that takes the material to the primary shredder.

It is advisable to insert at this point in the production line, before the shredder, some type of magnetic separator that eliminates large metallic elements before they reach the shredder.

Separador densiométrico en instalación de CDR


Depending on the size of the RDF to be used, the ideal feeding system to the shredder will be studied. 

This primary shredding considerably reduces the size of the material. At the entrance of the shredder it can be up to 800 mm large, to be reduced to 80 mm at the exit of the shredder.


Separador densiométrico en instalación de CDR


The next phase is the separation of materials that are not combustible and that are also harmful to the installation.

This part of the process is carried out by the densimetric or zigzag separator, which, using air flows, is capable of separating materials of adequate density from those that are not. The desired material goes to the next phase, and the inappropriate ones are eliminated from the process and stored in containers for proper management. 

The exit of the material from the densimetric separator is carried out by means of a chain belt conveyor, which from this moment maintains the tightness of the line and does not allow any emission of material into the atmosphere.


The material from the separator is taken by a linear plate conveyor to the secondary shredder, which is responsible for reducing its size to a granulometry of about 10 mm. 

The size of the RDF obtained in the secondary shredder can be varied by modifying the shredder grate and other characteristics of the shredder, in order to obtain the desired material. 

Using another chain belt conveyor, the material is stored in a bunker with a scraper, for later dosing and consumption.


the processed material is normally stored in bunkers, which gradually feed the trucks to unload the material.

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