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Machine composed of a shuttle belt, a separating drum, a rejection auger and a bag filter.

It is intended for the separation of particles with different density and similar size. By blowing a jet of air the lighter particles are thrown into the drum, while the heavy particles fall into the reject and are transported by an auger, the air used for blowing is cleaned by the bag filter which retains the particles and dirt so that the air exits clean to the atmosphere.

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Zig Zag Separator

Machine composed of 2 honeycomb feeders, a fan and the zigzag separator. 

It is a machine designed to separate, by means of an air flow, various bulk materials according to their specific gravity, shape and size. 

The light material is extracted from the top and the more dense material is decanted downwards.

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Machine aimed at the mechanical separation of improper materials and the reversal of the pressing process, leaving the material well separated. The material is introduced into the inlet port and, with the constant rotation of the drum and the inclination of 4%, the material advances to the outlet mouth and filters through the perforated sheet.

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Sectors of application

Sorting cabin

Machine intended for the manual selection of the different elements that make up the food. The material to be treated advances with a conveyor belt to the next process, while the reject is manually selected and deposited in self-tilting containers located under the selection table.

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Sectors of application

Sleeve filter

Sleeve filters are considered the most representative equipment for solid-gas separation using a porous medium. Its function is to collect solid particles, between 2 and 30 µm, which are dragged through a gas stream and filtered through a fabric.

Filtration does not begin to take place effectively until a certain amount of particles have accumulated on the surface of the bag in the form of a filter.

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Disc screen

Machine aimed at the mechanical classification of different particle sizes of the same bulk material, through gravity screening. This type of classifier allows a single granulometric cut across its entire working surface. It can work with dry and semi-humid materials up to 10-12% interstitial humidity depending on the consistency curve of each material and application. Depending on the model, the inlet size must be between 0-150 mm in apparent diameter. The hardness of the materials to be worked is between 1-6 mhos.

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Auger screen

Machine aimed at feeding and dosing bulk materials. Stores the received material and facilitates its emptying, with a performance of 94%. It is built with sheet metal and laminated steel profiles strongly braced inside and in both directions to withstand the large pressure loads produced by the material when entering it. Its coupling with the feeder pre-hopper is hermetic through a machined surface and screwed joints.

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