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Alveolar feeder

Machine aimed at feeding and dosing all types of bulk materials. The granulometry of the optimal materials with which it works is 0-2 mm, the dosing quality being better the finer and more uniform the input granulometry. It is especially indicated for clay materials, constituting the cleanest and most profitable solution for the storage of materials with average humidity around 6-10% depending on their adhesion curve. It can work with all types of completely dry materials of very different hardness, from 0-6 mohs.

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Circular feeder

Circular or disc feeders are machines intended for unloading material stored in silos. They can work with granulated materials with a size between 20 and 100 mm.

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Weighing dosing belt

Machine intended for the transportation and dosing of bulk materials. It has been designed and tested for materials with different grain sizes, densities, relative humidity, degrees of abrasiveness and shapes. The granulometry of the optimal materials with which it works is 0-80 mm. It works in the horizontal plane, with the basic functions of a conveyor belt, but supported by 4 load cells and a control panel that accelerates or decelerates the speed depending on the production.

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Dosing silo

Storage silos are intermediate machines necessary to ensure continuous and constant production on a production line. This silo has a removing coil at the bottom through which the material transported is dosed towards the auger at the bottom outlet of the silo. Once the material is distributed to the screw conveyor, it transports the material to the outside. Storage silos are available in several sizes adaptable to all production needs.

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