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This machine is intended for the storage of large volumes of bulk materials and the dosing of this stored material to the system. It offers several advantages over other storage systems, such as walking floor, since, with the same storage capacity, it takes up less space, is more economical per m3 stored and offers a more watertight space with the possibility of storing and feeding simultaneously.

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Bag carrier

Metal structure for placing big-bags that facilitate easy and controlled filling of all types of bulk material.

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Bagging machine

Machine aimed at feeding and dosing all types of bulk materials in bags.

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Sectors of application

Mixer silo

Machine aimed at mixing different types of plastics, allowing to obtain a better product to carry out plastic recycling.

The material to be mixed is introduced through the input hopper and transported to the central coil by means of an auger coupled to the input hopper. The central auger, by rotating, causes the material to rise inside the tube where the auger is housed.

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